The Sunshine State not only has great sun, wide beaches, big cities, small towns, period fishing villages, endless marshes, deep woods, empty farmland, stately horse ranches, broad rivers, bubbling springs and on and on and on . . . 


 The Sunshine State also has talent.  The Florida men and women who work in motion picture production include highly-trained actors and experienced heads-of-department – people who care about Florida because they live here.


 Take a good look below.  Florida has it all!

Highly trained and deep in experience in all formats, Florida’s crew has it all!

Art Directors / Production Designers
Hair and Make-Up Department Heads

Malinda Ballesteros – Makeup Department Head

Jane Hassinger – Department Head, Hair

Dolly Hernandez – Makeup Department Head

Randa Squillacote – Department Head, Hair

Special Effects Coordinators
Key Grips / Gaffers

Ross Jones (Key grip)

Ben Kanegson (dolly and techocrane operator)

Patrick Murray (Gaffer)

Antal Steinbach (Gaffer)

Stunt / Marine Coordinators
Casting Directors / Extras Casting Directors
Transportation Coordinators

Familiar faces over many years in movies and television, Florida’s actors have it all!

Arian Ash

Mary Rachel Dudley
Tom Hillman
Trudi Petersen
Brett Rice
Brett Rice 2014 Headshot
Adam Vernier


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