Which one?

The OWN Network is filming in Orlando. We’re certainly happy about that! But this little article asks the big question – Why Aren’t More?

We all know the answer, of course. No tax credits. No support from our state legislature. No support from the outgoing Florida Governor.

But how about the two gubernatorial candidates on the ballot in November? Where do they stand? The article states that Channel 9 asked each one if they plan to bring film back to the Sunshine State.

Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum said YES.

Republican candidate Ron DeSantis had NO COMMENT.

‘Nuf said? If not, here’s a little more from candidate Gillum.

Looks like we all need to step forward for the right guy.

Spotlight on Silvers

Representative David Silvers, an unwavering supporter of the Florida motion picture industry, is the focus of a recent release from blogger Philip’s Flicks. This comprehensive and timely piece, “Florida Film Loops,” includes historical references to film production in the Sunshine State and a rehashing of its recent demise, and links to an article about an Orlando roundtable of industry stakeholders where gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham spoke against ideological opposition to the movie business. About two-thirds of the way through, the writer highlights Silvers’ advocacy and promise to file COMPASS legislation once again during the 2019 legislative session.

Currently running for reelection to House District 87 (Palm Beach County), Representative Silvers clearly plans to retain his place at the forefront of the increasing number of policy-making proponents of a Florida motion picture industry rebuild. We are thankful for that.

Click image for campaign website.

Candidate for Governor Philip Levine speaks out

COMPASS has been working to connect with candidates for Governor and other statewide offices on issues that are important to Florida film community, the economy, and jobs. As a result of our efforts, we were invited by the Phil Levine campaign earlier this week to sit down for a talk with the candidate at his Miami campaign headquarters. During our meeting, Mayor Levine demonstrated a thorough understanding of our issues and spoke compellingly about how important it will be under his administration to bring Florida motion picture production back to national prominence.

To underline his commitment to us, his campaign prepared this video:

Philip Levine for Florida film

We will continue to provide you with real time information and responses from the various candidates on our critical issues.

Remember . . . your vote can help our industry. The deadline to register to vote in the primaries is this coming Monday, July 30th. Early voting begins August 18th. Primary Day is August 28th. Make it count!


COMPASS Chair, Chris Ranung is twenty-plus years a filmworker and president of Local 477 of the I.A.T.S.E. – the AFL-CIO affiliated labor union that represents working crew in Florida: grips, lighting technicians, paint & scenic, wardrobe, construction and propmakers, craft service personnel, greens, set dressing, special effects technicians, sound mixers and sound department personnel, studio teachers, animal wranglers, first aid, the marine department and much more.

Chris believes ardently that Florida’s film community – its actors, working crew, production teams, supplementary personnel, support businesses – ranks among the best in the United States.  He sees COMPASS as the necessary vehicle to reinvigorate production and restore jobs, revenue, and dignity to the Florida men and women who work in motion picture production and the Florida small businesses that sustain this historically important Florida industry.

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