This afternoon in Tallahassee, the five members of the Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee voted unanimously to adopt an amendment to SB 1636, introduced by bill sponsor Senator Dennis Baxley (R-District 12) last week, that removes any reference to repealing statute relating to the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council. By so doing, the bill can now advance in the Senate without further jeopardy to this important advisory body, signaling recognition of the value of film production to the Florida’s economy by the members of this chamber.

The bill’s companion in the lower chamber – HB 7039 – remains on the House Health & Human Services Committee agenda for a February 12th hearing, which will be its final committee stop before going to the full House for consideration. Hopefully, however, today’s Senate action may indicate a consensus by legislators in both chambers to protect the FFEAC along with several other advisory bodies and councils previously made vulnerable to elimination.

COMPASS appreciates the efforts of other industry advocates who joined forces to canvas against passage of these two bills. The FFEAC, along with the Florida Office of Film and Entertainment and its liaison office in Los Angeles, continue their diligent work to keep Florida on the map in the domestic marketplace for motion picture production. COMPASS is pleased to do our part in the effort to protect these essential agencies.

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