An article just posted by the South Florida Business Journal is alerting the Florida film community to the launch of a new approach to bringing motion picture production back to the Sunshine State.

In her article “New business-backed initiative seeks investors to revive Florida’s film industry,” SFBJ digital producer Emon Reiser lays out the innovative concept and states that “the goal is to reestablish a flow of productions about Florida stories being made in Florida,” thereby changing our state’s ability to compete for independent feature film productions in the $2 million to $12 million dollar range.

Feature Florida Partnerships will function exclusively in those areas of our state that aspire to bring motion picture production back to where it has always belonged. It is the rational evolution of the COMPASS-crafted financing program that met with limited success during the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions in Tallahassee, an undertaking that ultimately illustrated the importance of establishing true independence from legislative unpredictability on the state level.

With its exclusively regional focus, the program will be funded by private capital in areas of the state where business leaders recognize the economic value of filming – the good jobs, the flow of production dollars, the impact on tourism – and are willing to step forward to foster the growth of a sustainable motion picture production infrastructure in their home communities.

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