Late yesterday morning, Senate Bill 1808 – a resolution recognizing the value of film and television production to the State of Florida –  was unanimously adopted by voice vote on the floor of the Florida Senate. Now it’s in the books. Where to go next?

Originally drafted by COMPASS and introduced and sponsored by Senator Annette Taddeo (D-40 Miami Dade), SB 1808 is a full-voiced, state-level endorsement of our creative public-sector and private-sector efforts to rebuild Florida motion picture production in Florida communities without having to rely on the State. So that’s where we go next – out across Florida, to every region that wants to bring back film, working in tandem with business and community leaders, tilling the soil and planting seeds and growing production opportunities that make sense locally. Simply put, SB 1808 is a new tool in our toolkit. Now it’s time to put it to use.

There’s a long stretch of time between now and the start of the 2020 legislative session. Things don’t grind to a halt when our senators and representatives depart Tallahassee for home. In fact, out of session is the best time to work with them: when they’re thinking locally and working closely with local officials and once again rubbing elbows with their constituents on a daily basis. Having followed this approach consistently, COMPASS already has commitments of support from key legislators and community leaders all over the state. We will soon set forth a strategy to make the Sunshine State a primary domestic destination for film production once again, and encourage all industry members to stand with us and focus on what is possible to achieve together.

We are thankful for the small, solid step forward that is SB 1808. We show our gratitude to Senator Taddeo for her determination and unwavering support by not breaking our stride even slightly, by immediately turning our attention to what we can do at home to bring production back. We are positioned to use the months ahead wisely, confident that we can figure this whole thing out. And with the passage of SB 1808, we finally have a little taste of success.

Thank you for following COMPASS. To work together with us, give me a call at 904/806-6369.

Chris Ranung

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