We are pleased to report that earlier today an amendment was filed to Senate Bill 1640 (Deregulation of Professions) by bill sponsor Senator Ben Allbritton (R-District 26) preserving protections currently in place for Florida actors that are designed to discourage those who would violate agent-artist relationships for predatory purposes.
As a legislative goal, deregulation can produce both positive and negative results. In this instance, our industry perceived the result of talent agency deregulation would be harmful, placing Florida actors – particularly the young at the beginning of their careers and the elderly and disabled – at risk of potential exploitation.


A joint effort by industry advocates that included targeted lobbying by COMPASS representatives appears to have been successful. By removing all reference to talent agencies in SB 1640, the amendment proposed by Senator Allbritton will divert an effort to deregulate Florida talent agents that could have jeopardized the safety of Florida’s actors. If passed by the Senate, the bill will then head to the House for consideration and final approval by the end of the week.


COMPASS seeks to work on all levels for the betterment of motion picture production in our state. We recognize that actors – particularly those who are establishing their careers in the Sunshine State – are essential to the success of programs to promote and rebuild our industry currently being developed by COMPASS and other groups around the state. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to assist in the effort to protect this valuable component of our workforce as we move forward, developing a program and strategy to bring film and TV production back to Florida workers and Florida communities.


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