SB 1808 goes before the Senate Rules Committee this coming Wednesday afternoon. Another step forward to . . . where? This is a simple resolution. It will not create a state-level film program. Neither will it reenergize our industry and bring back our jobs with a magical snap of the fingers. But if it passes Rules, it will ultimately be heard on the Senate floor where a positive vote will put on record a genuine expression of support by Florida’s senators for all efforts – public and private – to reinvigorate movie and television production in our state.

At it’s simplest, SB 1808 is testimony to the resilience of Florida’s film community when faced with the complete foundering of our industry, to our resourcefulness and drive and emerging ability to see around corners, always looking for alternative routes between points A and B. Some of our state legislative leaders refuse to ride the incentives bandwagon. So okay: their stubborness ignites our inventiveness. There’s nothing else to do now but build a better mousetrap.

We thank bill sponsor Senator Annette Taddeo for moving everything forward.

Yes, SB 1808 is a small step. But certainly it’s one to celebrate.

Here’s to a successful committee hearing on Wednesday!

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