It’s a new landscape at the Florida Capitol. Maybe not the one we wanted. But check it: the cards dealt last November are the ones we’ll be dealing with for the next two years.

So in a just few days we’re all back it. On the calendar, it’s billed as the second interim committee week; however, it’s the official start of everything that matters, really.

Governor-elect Ron De Santis takes the oath of office on Tuesday, already indicating that his new administration is going to hit the ground running without delay. On Wednesday, after the Inaugural festivities and parties die down, a bevy of new and re-elected senators and representatives will roll up their sleeves and get to work. COMPASS will be there then, saying hello to our established allies and welcoming new friends to their new offices. It’ll be time to find out which end is up, what’s possible and what’s not, who’s who and who wants to help, and whether there may be any rays of light and hope and promise for our industry in 2019.

Yes, we plan to re-introduce legislation to establish a financing program for feature films. Yes, we will keep fighting for a pragmatic approach to film funding that legislators of all political stripes can support. Yes, we will continue to seek common ground with those who oppose state-level engagement with the motion picture industry. Yes, we anticipate impossible odds and a Sisyphian climb and, yes, there’s no question that we have a mountain of hard work ahead.

But we are bringing new people and energy to our effort, developing alternative courses of action, considering different pathways that can take us to the same goals, and facing the realities of this new landscape with eyes wide open. So yes, we’re dealing with it. New cards; same game.

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