An article released yesterday by Deadline Hollywood writer and astute observer of all things film-related David Robb focuses on Florida’s gubernatorial contest between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis. In “Fate of Florida’s Decimated Film Industry Might Hang on Governor’s Race,” Robb measures Mayor Gillum’s repeated expressions of support for film in Florida against the consistent no comments from candidate DeSantis and, by so doing, alerts the outside world that a Gillum election clearly bodes well for the future of filmmaking in the Sunshine State.

The writer does point out, however, that rebuilding our shattered industry will not be easy for Gillum as Governor, especially in the face of continuing ideological opposition to tax incentives in what is expected to remain a Republican-dominated state legislature. Yet in his concluding paragraph David Robb quotes Film Florida executive director John Lux, who says ” . . . we look to the new Legislative Leadership in Tallahassee to have an open mind . . . ”

This is exactly what is needed, what everyone is working so hard to accomplish through meetings with incumbents and challengers of both political parties and, now just six days out from Election Day, what we’re all beginning to sense may actually be possible. New leaders, new opportunities, a new start.

Chris Ranung with Mayor Andrew Gillum

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