This recent article by Peter Schorsch provides an example of how things worked – and didn’t work for Florida – under the Richard Corcoran reign. In “On soccer’s biggest stage,” the writer focuses on what happens “when politicians who know nothing about brand management get involved.” Corcoran’s anti-Visit Florida stratagem resulted in a 9% drop in British tourist visits in 2017. Yes, certainly, thanks Speaker Corcoran and don’t let the door . . .

Feature films and television shows bring tourists too. One can hope that a mindset prohibiting Florida from investing in Florida is on the wane and that even film production might soon find its way back into the good graces of our sages at the Capitol. That depends entirely on the November mid-term elections, of course. Paying attention to the campaigns, representing the realities of production decline to the candidates in terms of lost jobs and broken careers, knocking on some doors and making some phone calls and writing a few checks, all these are necessary summertime undertakings for any Florida film enthusiast who really cares.

It’s late May already and November isn’t all that far off.

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