An article just posted in the Miami Herald entitled “South Florida wants another ‘Moonlight” provides extensive coverage of efforts at the county and city levels to attract motion picture projects back to Miami Dade. It confirms what we already know: that there is real desire on the part of regional, county, and municipal leaders to restore production in key areas across our state. Florida’s film community would do well to actively endorse these initiatives as they, however small, can generate badly-needed jobs and provide some stability to support businesses while the push continues to create a state-level program capable of rebuilding our shattered industry.

We are pleased that Senator Taddeo and the COMPASS effort are referenced in the last paragraphs. Going forward, it will be essential for the message to be widely circulated that Florida values this historically important industry and is willing to work hard to bring it back, and that – with the help of Senator Taddeo and Representatives Silvers and Gruters and other legislators who stood strong with us all through this past year – we won’t quit until movies and television shows are once again filming in every corner of the Sunshine State.

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