Against the odds, SB 1606 has made its way back to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism. After accepting a temporary postponement at the February 6th meeting, Senator Annette Taddeo now will have the opportunity to present the bill a second time when the eight senators who preside on Commerce convene in Tallahassee at 11:00am next Tuesday, February 20th.

This doesn’t happen every day. In any given year, being TP’d – “temporarily postponed” or, some might say, “temporarily passed” – is most often the end of the line for a bill. That SB 1606 is back on this committee’s agenda is a sure sign that support for the effort to stabilize our decimated industry has been increasing slowly but surely in the upper chamber. It is also a reflection on Senator Taddeo’s legislative tenacity and confidence in this good bill.

So back we go next week, with amendments carefully prepared to meet expressed concerns about transparency and accountability, hopeful of gaining the votes required to move to the next step toward passage in the Senate. With Senator Bill Montford, who missed the earlier appearance due to emergency abdominal surgery, fully recovered and once again chairing the proceedings, and with additional meetings with senators and their staff occurring daily, we feel that everything possible will be in place by Tuesday to bring success to this stage of our effort.

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