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We’ve long been aware that small-minded intransigence from the conservative fringe is fueling legislative opposition to any effort to revitalize Florida’s film industry; however, it’s always enlightening to see it disgorged in print. Having previously commended Senators Dana Young and Kelli Stargel for their “no” votes against SB 1606 last week, Americans for Prosperity doubled down this morning with yet another press release and “thank you” mailer. Pity the politicians who toady to such prattle in order to shield their flanks from right-wing primary challenges. Hopefully, the many filmworkers who live in their districts, with their families and friends, will help spread truth about the Florida Motion Picture Capital Corporation as November elections approach.

Logically, of course, a pragmatic financing program based on capital preservation and seeded by taxpayer dollars, a penny-wise program for productions where every dollar is spent on the project and does not flow upwards to fat-cat executives and Hollywood stars, a carefully-vetted program that prioritizes indigenous production companies and feature films of modest budget as a means of creating much-needed jobs for Floridians and generating significant economic activity in communities throughout the state – that program becomes cronyism, wasteful spending, corporate welfare, and “handouts for Hollywood” as explained by our friends at Americans for Prosperity. But this is how they play . . .

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