Although at our appearance earlier this week we were unsure of the votes needed to pass the Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism, and therefore elected to temporarily postpone, we did gain valuable insight into what it will take for us to earn approval from the more cautious and reluctant legislators who we certainly will continue to encounter as our effort moves forward. A study of the video of Senator Taddeo’s presentation – which begins at the 26:15 mark and continues to 50:30 – illuminates points of uncertainty, particularly from Senators Passidomo and Stargell, that must be addressed very quickly if we are to get any farther down the road this session.

When Senator Passidomo cautions that “when you ask for something, you may get it,” she is reminding us that an essential role of good legislators is to ensure that nothing is made into law that isn’t thoroughly vetted and ready. The members of this committee are pushing us to make our bill better, and that’s how it should be.

Endorsement of our effort continues to grow. Notice those who waived in support at the hearing included representatives from Palm Beach County, Miami Dade County, the American Advertisers Federation, Film Florida, Film Tampa Bay, and the Florida Associations of Counties, all of whom we thank sincerely. We can now add the Florida League of Cities, a supporter from last year, which a few days ago added House counterpart HB 341 to their list of Legislative Bill Summaries.

So we follow the process, which inherently will give rise to challenge and diversion and opposition and delay. We have long accepted that it will require a two-year effort, at least, to get where we need to go on the statewide level. Within the next few weeks, we’ll have a clear reckoning of our progress this legislative session. But whatever happens in Tallahassee, it won’t end there this year: we have other very promising courses of action in mind.

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