What is COMPASS?

The Congress of Motion Picture Associations of Florida (COMPASS) funds and coordinates legislative efforts to increase Florida-based scripted motion picture production, which is defined as any feature film, television or commercial production with a budget substantial enough to create high-wage jobs for Florida’s professional filmworkers and generate maximum economic impact to Florida communities.

COMPASS memberships are designed to provide top-quality advocacy for associations, organizations and individuals that represent the men and women who make their livelihood working in Florida-based scripted motion picture production, and for the Florida-based small businesses and vendors, film schools and production companies that support this industry.

COMPASS is structured to assure that every entity with an interest in scripted motion picture production in the State of Florida will have efficient and effective representation in the legislative affairs that impact their industry and livelihood.

Use this PayPal link to contribute to the COMPASS effort for real improvement to the Florida Film and Entertainment Financial Incentives Program during the 2014 legislative session: