COMPASS for 2015-16


The COMPASS Commitment: Since our earliest days, we have consistently maintained that – through the creation of good long-term jobs for Floridians and maximum “spend” in Florida communities – only high-impact feature film and television production generates the highest possible rate of return for Florida’s taxpayers. 

The COMPASS Strategy: We identify key sources of legislative influence, seek their counsel and support, and then coordinate our message to theirs, reflecting the natural priority of state government to create economic growth by putting tax dollars to work prudently and with good business sense.

COMPASS Perseverance: We’ve been at this for over three years and our “street cred” is now well-established.  Florida’s legislators recognize that our ideas make good business sense.  More than that, they know that we’re not going away . . . ever.  We keep coming back and doors keep opening.

It’s important to note that at the end of the 2015 legislative session, both the House and Senate were poised to pass improved film incentive legislation that included every key priority in the COMPASS portfolio: 

  • Elimination of the first-come,first-served allocation process.
  • A pre-review or ranking evaluation of all applications.
  • Transparency: the “What, Where and When” of certified production.
  • Biannual Allocations to increase availability of tax credits throughout the year.
  • Elimination of the Conditional Certification process.

Since May of 2012, the Congress of Motion Picture Associations of Florida (COMPASS) has maintained an unfaltering legislative presence in Tallahassee and around the state, building credibility as the primary advocacy group for the Florida men and women who work in movie and television production and the Florida businesses that support this industry.

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