Working to restore Florida motion picture production

January 26th: At the end of Week 3 of the 2018 legislative session, we anticipate getting a spot on the Senate Commerce Committee agenda in early February, work to educate media that the term “incentives” is not accurate when describing our bills, and coordinate support behind the effort to receive a hearing in that most intractable of legislative chambers, the Florida House of Representatives.


COMPASS represents the Florida men and women who work in feature film and episodic television production and the Florida-based businesses that provide materials, equipment, provisions, and other support to this industry.

Since May of 2012, the Congress of Motion Picture Associations of Florida (COMPASS) has maintained an unwavering legislative presence in Tallahassee and around the state, building credibility as the primary advocacy group for Florida motion picture production.

We know that, of the various entertainment industry sectors, the greatest economic impact comes from feature film and episodic television production – through its singular ability to create good long-term jobs for Floridians and inject maximum production spending into Florida communities.

In 2017, COMPASS responded to opposition to corporate subsidies by introducing legislation to create a new business model based on sound financing principles. Our legislation was heard and passed by one Senate committee.

In 2018 we are returning with legislation that has been updated and refined, a broader legislative and business support base, and a fire in our belly to realize our vision of creating the Florida Motion Picture Capital Corporation.



“The playing field is no longer level and that must be fixed. Florida’s actors, filmworkers, producers, and small business owners deserve to be able compete with other Southeastern states for our share of the domestic market for feature film and episodic television production. We must persuade Florida legislators, business associations, community and educational leaders, the tourism industry, and the public in general to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us and support our effort to bring motion picture production back to the Sunshine State.”

Chris Ranung, COMPASS chair

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