What is COMPASS 2014-15?

Since May of 2012, the Congress of Motion Picture Associations of Florida (COMPASS) has maintained an unfaltering legislative presence in Tallahassee and around the state, building credibility as the primary advocacy group for the Florida men and women who work in movie and television production and the Florida businesses that support this industry.

Now in late-2014, we recognize that there is not only a pressing need to restore Florida’s competitive edge in the domestic marketplace for motion picture production, but also an opportunity like never before to push for new, game-changing legislation.  We know there is a desire for significant change among key legislators and that they will work with us only if we can prove our point – that when properly allocated to motion picture production, Florida’s tax dollars will generate maximum economic impact and an optimal return-on-investment to the state and its taxpayers.

Additionally, we submit that “nobody does Florida better . . . than Florida.”  We are no longer on the same scale as the production giants to the north of us – in particular, Georgia and Louisiana both have an insurmountable advantage for the time being.  But the way to rebuild our industry is to get back to basics, to use Florida’s distinctive appeal and the fundamentals of film-induced tourism to create something essentially “Florida.”

We know this is the time to do it.  Join COMPASS and help make movie and television production in the Sunshine State “Florida-centric” again.

Use this PayPal link to contribute to the COMPASS effort to enact new movie and television incentives legislation in 2015: