What is COMPASS 2014-15?

March 2015: The 2015 legislative session is beginning and all eyes will be on Tallahassee over the weeks to come.  Will our state legislators allocate new funds to the Florida Film and Entertainment Financial Incentives Program?  COMPASS believes it all depends on whether the industry gives legislators good answers to their questions about accountability and return-on-investment.

COMPASS has long maintained that the establishment of a pre-review allocation process and elimination of accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis is absolutely essential if the Program is to receive any new funding allocation.  The Governor’s office and key leadership in the House and Senate are now saying the same thing.  We believe that no new funding will be made available if first-come, first-served language is not removed from the bill and our effort going forward will be to respond to this requirement to the legislators’ satisfaction.  

  • Pre-review
  • Transparency
  • Bifurcated Allocations
  • Film-induced Tourism
  • Elimination of Conditional Certification

These are COMPASS priorities.

Since May of 2012, the Congress of Motion Picture Associations of Florida (COMPASS) has maintained an unfaltering legislative presence in Tallahassee and around the state, building credibility as the primary advocacy group for the Florida men and women who work in movie and television production and the Florida businesses that support this industry.

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